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Our time in America is NOW. The threat is real and evil is standing at our door. We the People must stand and fight the very real and ever pressing threat of Radical Islamic Terror in America. Our founding fathers gave us the tool to save America, from every enemy, foreign and domestic, the Constitution of the United States of America. The politically correct movement in America is hamstringing our soceity, people who live, breathe and die, for GOD, country and family are now afraid to voice their opinions, for fear of ridicule, and worse yet, persecution, for standing up for their beliefs. Islamic law, *shariah* means law in the world of Islam, is the greatest threat facing American laws, courts and our Constitution. There are those who disagree, and say that we are infringing on Islamic 1st Amendment rights, to those I say BULLSHIT. I am an American. Im not Dutch-American, or Native American-American, I am American. Our families came to this country, they assimilated, they were ecstatic to be FREE, free of persecution, free of the threat of being executed, free to live the American dream. We are the greatest nation on earth. America is the last bastion of freedom standing. If we fall to Islamification or caliphate, then where will those yearning to be free run too? Where will they find assylum? It is up to us, now, to secure the Constitution, for our lifetime, our childrens lifetime and for the future of freedom in America. Stand with us now. Sign the petition. Post your pictures. Shoulder to shoulder. I gave America my son to defend her; let his service not have been in vain.

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