SIGN THE PETITION TODAY! Support the cause by taking a photo like this of yourself holding a "Ban Sharia Law" sign and upload it to our website: Click this link to upload your photos: View all photos here: ***AND sign the petition. Objective: To ban all foreign law (Including Sharia) in every state across America! This petition is meant to create national awareness of the "Creeping Sharia" threat to America, and to show all of our federal and state legislators that "We The People", want the Constitution upheld and our American laws protected! "NO FOREIGN LAWS TO BE CONSIDERED IN OUR AMERICAN COURTROOMS!" Follow us on twitter @banshariahlaw @freedomtexasmom @patrioticchicks #BanShariaLaw #ProtectAmericanLaw#UpholdOurConstitution #SecureTheBorder #noamnesty

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