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Muslim father shoots daughter in the head while she was sleeping


Last week in court, Jamal Mansour, 64, pleaded NOT GUILTY to aggravated murder charges of his daughter Tahani (right), and his attorney reaffirmed the same reason for the shooting in September: ‘A mere accident.’ This despite new evidence entered into court that Mansour was caught on video loading his revolver at a gas station the day before the shooting.

WND (h/t Emma)  Not only did Mansour (below) shoot his 27-year-old daughter, Tahani, three times in the head at close range, once from just one foot away, while she lie helpless in her bed at 1:15 a.m., but he should have known his gun was loaded, prosecutors said.

The prosecution is not buying the “accident” theory, saying the video of him loading his gun the day before proves he had a “calculated plan.” Prosecutor Michael O’Shea has described the killing as an assassination carried out “execution style,” but he refuses to say what could have motivated Mansour, leading some to suggest that it was an honor killing.

But the defendant’s attorney, Angelo Lenardo, took issue with that, saying the mere suggestion was “racist and offensive.” Mansour is a Muslim who migrated to the United States in the 1978 from Jordan. And, according to experts on Islamic law, his execution-style killing of his adult daughter bears the hallmarks of an Islamic honor killing.

Tahani had recently traveled alone on a business trip to Las Vegas against her father’s wishes. They’d reportedly had an argument about that trip.

“Mr. Mansour might have assimilated to Western culture sufficiently to shave his beard and wear jeans but not to accept his daughter behaving like Western girls,” said Daniel Akbari, a former top Shariah lawyer in Iran. Yet she still lived at home under her father’s protection, a totally Islamic thing to do for even a grown adult woman. Shariah rules for women’s dress and conduct are part of the foundation of Islamic culture.

When a Muslim woman violates any of those rules commanded by Islam for her behavior, “Islam provides a hierarchy of actions that a man (family member or husband) can take, starting with scolding the woman or beating her, and ending with killing her.”

Source BareNakedIslam.com

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