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Project Fuqra Files: The Clarion Project to expose Jamaat ul-Fuqra



The Clarion Project is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Pearl, Deputy Erik Telen and to all those hurt by Sheikh Gilani and JUF/MOA and their ideology, including its own members and the countless women and children at risk living under their control. We also dedicate this work to those who have dedicated their lives and careers to ensuring that Jamaat ul-Fuqra/MOA be brought to justice.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra is a group with about 25 “Islamic villages” across the country that have been historically used for guerilla training and cult-like isolation. After years of committed and being suspected of murders, fire bombings, and threats around the United States and Canada, Fuqra changed their name to “Muslims of America” (TMOA or MOA). After one of their main training camps with numerous illegal firearms and bombs was raided, the group went “underground” and remained undetected leading the Bush (43) Administration to remove Jamaat ul-Fuqra from its list of terrorist groups.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains the thousands of documents, evidence, and Freedom of Information Request responses on the activities of Jamaat ul-Fuqra/Muslims of America, Inc. (MOA) and its members and a few of its various front organizations.  Each section is labeled accordingly with relevant hyperlinks to open source intelligence on MOA/Fuqra including Activities by State, Court Records, and their own publications and video links.

The Knowledge Base contains articles about the Islamist Extremist ideology, Fuqra/MOA’s ideology in their own words, video clips, documentaries, and media clips on the subject of Fuqra/MOA’s activities, as well as their connection to known extremist groups and individuals around the world.

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