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Merkel’s schemes have been Trumped


Merkel Seized upon Trump’s Nato dedication speech as an opportunity to progress her long-standing design for an Independent German Lead European Military Force.

The intrinsic evidence indicts German Chancellor Merkel intentionally created a crisis to take advantage of an opportunity to advance her political agenda of German domination of a militarized European Union.   

The liberal democrats endlessly chatter, regarding unsubstantial allegations that Russian President Vladimir Putin to interfered with the United States Presidential election. However, these same liberal democrats are strangely silent regarding former President Obama’s obtuse interference in foreign elections. For instance, the Obama aggressive and forceful intervention in British politics. Consider, the following:

A rising number of Britons say they are offended that the U.S. president will try to persuade them to stay in the European Union, just as a poll indicates the “Out” forces have pushed into the led in the national vote.
“If the American people aren’t happy with foreign heads of state or politicians telling them how to vote, then they shouldn’t be happy with their head of state lecturing other countries,” said Rory Broomfield, director of the “Better Off Out” campaign to leave the European Union.
He described Mr. Obama’s pressure as “sort of 1776 in reverse.”

Mr. Obama’s intervention in the debate has been so contentious that more than 100 members of Parliament signed an open letter last month essentially requesting that he butt out.” (Britain offended by Obama pressure to stay in EU: ‘Sort of 1776 in reverse’

Incredibly, one-hundred members of the British Parliament signed a letter of declaration requesting Obama to stay out of British politics. Obama has also spied upon the German Chancellery.
And illegally un-masking Trump campaign officials and others.

In terms, of Merkel’s call for a European Union standing military presence, her arguments were presented to European leaders long before Trump’s remarks in May 2017, at the NA TO new headquarters’ dedication.

Clearly, the Spiegel is doing Merkel’s work, that is, undermining the credibility of Washington’s chief commander in Europe…The second jab appeared late Sunday afternoon when EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced that Europe needed to field its own army. 
The European Union needs its own army to face up to Russia and other threats as well as restore the bloc’s foreign policy standing around the world, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told a German newspaper on Sunday…with its own army, Europe could react more credibly to the threat to peace in a member state or in a neighboring state. “One wouldn’t have a European army to deploy it immediately. But a common European army would convey a clear message to Russia that we are serious about defending our European values.

Thus, Merkel and others have been calling for a militarized European Union and the failure of NATO for many years prior to Trump taking the Oath of Office. Merkel’s call for a military order established as an arm of the European Union accomplishes many factors for the central European German state.
A few of the following factors are,
1) it reasserts German hegemony for Central Europe;
2) it denies American and British power, influence, dominance and control over the mainly Germanic states of Central Europe;
3) it provides a military order, under Teutonic leadership, against Russian projection of power and strength;
4) it provides an independent springboard for the resurgence of German power, in a manner, which also comforts and benefits, non-German states, by offering a league against Russian power, influence, and dominance.

Hence, Merkel’s call for a European standing army was prior to President Trump’s remarks in May 2017, at the dedication of the new NATO headquarters, regarding NATO member states paying their fair share. Merkel is leading the call for a standing military order for the European Union.

Merkel’s Chancellorship and credibility in Europe now depend on the success or failure of her calls for an armed and independent European Union. She has openly fired salvo’s of public condemnation, criticism and angst at the United Kingdom, the Brexit movement, President Trump and European Nationalism. Merkel wants a European New World Order with Germany as the lead-nation in that new order.

In order, for the German Chancellor, to accomplish her long-standing policy provisions, she will most assuredly have to utterly discredit Nigel Farage and Brexit, President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin and any other substantive Nationalist support that gets in the way of Merkel’s Globalist agenda.

To be sure, if Merkel can persuade the European Union to militarize under German leadership, without the United Kingdom and United States financial support, Central and Eastern Europe will once again, have the check and balance, concerning Russian dominance versus German hegemony, in Central and Eastern Europe.
However, Merkel has wanted the United Kingdom and United States to pay for the creation of Germania domination on the continent. President Trump has answered in the negative. America will not burden the German bill. Also, another, no answer to Merkel. America will eventually talk to Putin and Russia, in order, to help facilitate a safer and more secure world.

President Trump has also designated Islamic Jihadism and terrorism as the most significant threat to world peace and prosperity, not Russian aggression. This Trumpian position and doctrine appears to have befuddled and dazed the German Chancellor, because like a baby going to her pacifier she had to meet with her yes-man. The ex-president Obama no doubt to stratagem the Globalist agenda against Trump. Merkel still wants the American taxpayers to pony-up for her liberal Muslim immigration policies and the Islamification of the Teutonic States.

This a political struggle between European Globalists led by Merkel, ( Obama and Clinton supported)  and Nationalism, led by Trump, who is supported, by Farage, Orban, Wilder and others.

The United Kingdom opposed a European Union standing military, but with the British exit from the European Union, Germany has quietly laid the foundations of a European standing army under German leadership. This has included Dutch, Czech and Romanian integration into German army units. No doubt, this is the beginning foundation for Merkel’s vision of a European Union standing military capability under German leadership.

Despite Britain’s move to block an EU army, a growing number of experts believe a recent German defense paper shows Berlin has ambitions to run an EU army and has a plan to cut through Brussels red tape and create one by itself. But at what cost to NATO? While EU defense ministers openly discuss with NATO chiefs how to create an EU army, many might think the haste for the EU to go ahead with such a stem from its own credibility being at an all-time low in the wake of Brexit. For EU federalists in Brussels, there is indeed some truth in this. But Brussels is also worried about being left behind or dwarfed by Germany’s own plans which would leave the EU in a weak position to negotiate who gets to call the shots in an official EU army, when it is finally created.

And the EU has good reason to worry. Germany is impatient and is looking to position itself as the military leader of a coalition of EU countries which would no longer take orders from NATO, but also would not necessarily even be part of an official EU army.” 

Thus, it’s apparent that Merkel’s Germany have had designs for many years, to build a German-led European Union army. Putin and Russia are her object of derision to motivate member states to join the umbrella of German hegemony. Now, the German Chancellor is seizing upon Brexit and Trump’s insistence that NATO members pay their fair share of military expenditures as an opportunity to continue to move forward on German plans for an independent German lead European Union military force. To accomplish Merkel’s long-term goals, it requires her continued derision of Trump’s policies and the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote and the demonization of Putin and Russia.

Not one to squander opportunities, the Merkel, influenced European Union just announced through a spokesperson, the creation of a military training center. Although, Merkel has been preparing, scheming, planning and plotting for years to create a standing military order of the European Union, she first had to avail herself of the opportunity for more vigorous advocacy of a European military force by demonizing Russia and Putin, discredit the United Kingdom and Brexit and mocking President Trump’s call for a fair share contribution from NATO member-states. Astoundingly, many members of the American public are not even aware of Germany’s quiet progress toward a German-led functional and standing military force.

Amazingly, the liberal Democrats have reached McCarthy-era hysteria over a nebulas and mirage-type Russian connection. Russia and every other nation, including the United States, have been involved in various forms of espionage, such as Obama spying on Germany. This most probably will continue to be innuendo, disinformation, liberal propaganda, smoke, and mirrors, without true substance.

Meanwhile, Merkel’s Germany has not fully supported NATO financially, resented the United States and United Kingdom leadership, openly advocates a militarized European Union and quietly integrated Dutch, Romanian and Czech military units under German high command. In order, for Merkel, to advocate a Teutonic resurgence in Central and Eastern Europe, the old adversarial relationship, between Germany and Russia, had to be resurrected. Thus, it has been in Merkel’s interest with the object of Teutonic restoration as a power in Central and Eastern Europe, to emphasize the fear of Russian aggression. The liberal Democrats narrative correlates with the Merkel-Junker narrative, regarding Russian intimidation and aggression. German resurgence and restoration in Central and Eastern Europe, as a counterweight and balance to Russian projection of power, is historically natural and inevitable. Nonetheless, despite this historical truism, American treasury and coffers should not be expected to burden the German expenditures for the price of German resurgence and leadership. This should be a German expense. The United States, despite German resistance and Merkel’s objections, should seek a better relationship with more meaningful communication with Russia.

By Jeffrey E. Elliott, Esq.

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