Mayor in Italy: “We are INVADED, OVERWHELMED ” by Muslim migrants


    A man who speaks the truth — he better get security. Good security.

    Vincenzo Lionetto Civa, mayor of Castel’Umberto in Sicily, led a group of townspeople to barricade a hotel, to prevent a Muslim migrants from from taking up residence in a hotel in his village.

    Rough translation thanks to Alexandre:

    Migrants: “We are invaded, overwhelmed” worries mayor

    Migrants: “We are invaded, overwhelmed” worries a mayor Anger. In Sicily, a mayor who is overwhelmed by massive migrants arrives against the authorities in front of the television cameras. The consequences of the migratory crisis continue to worsen. In the mountains of the Nebrodes, north of Sicily, the population and its aediles do not mask their preoccupation and even their annoyance in the face of the situation. “We are invaded, submerged”, alerts the mayor of Castell’Umberto, Vincenzo Lionetto Civa, at the head of a sling of forty-five Sicilian elected. On 14 July last, Francesca Nebrodi contacted the mayor and asked him to house some fifty migrants who had been recovered at sea and landed in Sicily. “The Préfet called me at 9:58 pm to warn me of their arrival, but they were already there,” he regretted.
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