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Liberal Stylist Bans Men For Entitled Muslim Customer, Boss Gives Her Perfect ‘Surprise’


When a woman walked into a Michigan salon for a haircut, an employee put up a sign prohibiting men from entering while the customer took off her hijab.
However, as soon as the manager discovered what the employee had done, they had a surprise for them.

As the Muslim population grows in the U.S., so do their demands for our submission to Islamic law. Despite making up less than 3 percent of the population, their religious entitlement and incessant ultimatums make them appear much larger and more powerful than they really are.

Unfortunately, appeasing their doctrinal requirements only gives way to more demands, which ultimately lead to the subduing of all other religious groups as is the reality in over 50 Muslim-majority nations. Luckily, there are still Americans who refuse to capitulate to these demands no matter how offended devout Islamic zealots might get.

On July 10, an unidentified Muslim woman walked into SmartStyle salon located inside a Walmart in Taylor, Michigan. Because she had chosen to wear the hijab in accordance with her personal religious beliefs, this somehow meant that all non-Muslims must bow to her faith or suffer the wrath of being accused of racism and Islamophobia.

Eager to submit to the Muslim woman’s Islamic demands, an unnamed liberal employee immediately placed a handwritten sign at the entrance of the salon, reading, “No men, please,” as it is forbidden under Sharia law for women to show their hair to male non-relatives. Ironically, the employee must’ve forgotten that the U.S. doesn’t recognize this oppressive, misogynistic legislation, and her manager was about to educate her on the matter.

The News-Herald reports that when salon manager Erika Van Etten found out about the employee adhering to Sharia law and prohibiting men from entering the store, she immediately fired her and publically reiterated that it is against company policy to discriminate against customers based on gender, even for the sake of someone’s out-dated religious beliefs.

“We are not allowed to close the salon under any circumstances for anyone,” Van Etten wrote. “If someone has a head scarf we are to let them know that we cannot close the salon and if a man comes in we cannot stop them.”

Taylor, Michigan, SmartStyle Manager Erika Van Etten fired the employee for posting the sign (pictured) which discriminates based on sex. (Photo source: News-Herald)

Van Etten only found out about the incident a week later when an anonymous male customer complained to her about being turned away by the discriminatory sign, according to Allure. Luckily, SmartStyle has zero tolerance for any type of bias, even amid Islam’s prejudice against a number of religious and special interest groups.

“SmartStyle welcomes all guests, and we apologize to anyone who was offended by the paper taped to the salon window,” they said in a statement to Yahoo Beauty. “The message was inappropriate and it does not reflect our standards or beliefs; our goal is to offer a quality experience to all guests. Again, our apologies to anyone who was offended.”

Photos of the handmade sign were posted online on July 25, prompting Van Etten to take immediate action. She explained that although the man had called the day before to report the incident, she saw the proof for herself when the images circulated on social media.

Although discrimination based on sex is illegal in New York, for example, an Islamic salon that opened in Brooklyn in 2017 refuses to allow men to enter. Despite turning away customers based on their gender and enforcing illegal Sharia law, the hijabi salon is able to openly discriminate against men without fear of legal retribution. Such is the privilege of Muslims in their own countries and, now, in the West.

Most Muslims cannot comprehend that our liberties trump their religious compulsions and we must never bow before a foreign law like Sharia. In fact, most of the Quran and hadith demonstrate that Sharia law is not only for Muslims but must be forced upon non-Muslims, even when it comes to a compulsion as trivial as the hijab.

Quran 33:59 commands Muslim men to order women to cover themselves, warning that their abuse and molestation is justified if they disobey. This is in accordance with Quran 4:34, which endows men with the right and responsibility to “beat” their wives who disobey since they are in charge of them as the superior sex.

Islam cannot coexist with any other religion or law because it is governed by Sharia law, which requires total submission of all other religions to its mandates. The more the left appeases these compulsions, the more we are stripped of our exceptional liberties that are forbidden and punished by Sharia law.

Source: m2voice.co.uk

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