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Sarsour Claims Trump Travel Restrictions Are ‘Muslim Ban 3.0’


Islamist activist Linda Sarsour called U.S. President Donald Trump’s new travel restrictions a “Muslim Ban” even though the new restrictions include two non-Muslim countries – North Korea and Venezuela.

Sudan, a Muslim country, was taken off the new list.

Sarsour tweeted, “Muslim Ban 3.0. #No MuslimBanEver” and “New travel ban aka Muslim Ban 3.0 does not have an expiration date. #NoMuslimBanEver.”

In another tweet, she decried the restrictions, saying “smh” (so much hate).

The Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamist organization CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations) is spinning the new restrictions as “just one part of the administration’s ‘ugly white supremacist agenda’” in a press release dated September 24. The group is also promoting the hashtag #NoMuslimBanEver.

Sarsour and CAIR were peddling victimhood status way before Trump was a political commodity. In a media appearance in early 2015, Sarsour claimed Muslim children were being executed in the U.S.

On the Rachel Maddow show, Sarsour ranted, “We come to the U.S., 22 states with anti-sharia bills trying to ban us from practicing our faith, mosque oppositions. We’re fighting, you know, zoning boards across the country. Our kids are hearing this rhetoric; we have people — mosques being vandalized, kids being executed, Islamophobia, leaders on national television saying that, you know, holy wars and these people want to take over America.”

Sarsour recently teamed up with convicted terrorist Rasmea Yousef Odeh, who played a role in the murder of two students in a 1969 bombing of a supermarket in Jerusalem. Odeh was recently stripped of her U.S. citizenship and deported for lying on her original citizenship application to the U.S. Odeh and Sarsour were co-organizers of the Women’s March on Washington held after Trump’s inauguration last January.

CAIR, which was designated as a terrorist organization in 2014 by the United Arab Emirates, has historically and continually waged unrelenting campaigns against critics of Islamism (the ideological basis of Islamist terror) as “Islamophobic.”

The following video featuring Muslim human rights activist Raheel Raza is Clarion’s response to the spurious allegations which were bandied around by the same groups after the issuance of the first travel restrictions:

Source: ClarionProject.org

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