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Whether or not the Las Vegas shooter is actually connected to the Islamic State, ISIS terrorists sure are celebrating the massacre of Americans


A pro-ISIS channel named Las Vegas USA is dedicated to celebrating yesterday’s attack, criticizing President Trump, and issuing further threats.

One graphic shows an image of President Trump waving on one side, and the other side of the graphic shows the aftermath of an attack. The quote featured in the graphic reads:


In another post, the Telegram channel posted an image of Paddock with the caption: “O’ Lion of Tawhid [monotheism], May Allah Accept from you. You will be long remembered as the lion who avenged for his brothers.“

A series of comments from the channel reads:

Another graphic from the channel has a message in Arabic stating: “The Just terror… You claim [to uphold] justice, then we have to implement Allah’s justice on you. It is either death or paying jizyah [tax] with humiliation.”

A graphic reading: “Islamic State The Caliphate USA Licking Her Wounds In Las Vegas” has been circulated on numerous pro-ISIS Telegram channels.

In a conversation in the Telegram channel Muslim Tech Deen, Ya’qoob al-Kurdi stated: “Allahu Akbar I thought it was a silly white guy.” Azizz Hamdan replied: “It is a white guy, but not so silly after all.”

A message in al-Karrar stated: “So what are you waiting for brothers?

Al-Karaar circulated a graphic that reads: “Islamic State The Caliphate USA Where is your security? In Las Vegas A Single Mujahid Look At What He Has Done To You.” An additional caption reads: “What now Trump? You tweeted UK had attacker in sight, what about your agencies in your backyard?”

Another graphic shows Belgian ISIS fighter ‘Abd Al-Hamid Abaaoud, aka Abu Umar al-Baljiki. The quote reads: “Oh Crusaders We Are Everywhere Soon Is the Next!” An additional caption asks: “Who is Next? Austria? Australia? England? Who?”

Another post in the group states: “What Now Trump? You banned ‘Radicalized Muslims’ from traveling to America! Allah sent his soldier from within your people.”

A pro-ISIS Telegram channel “Yemenite and Proud of my Islam” celebrated the attack and said that it was proof of the “fragility” of U.S. security services. The channel further claimed that this attack exposed the illusion of the strength of the American and Western security services. The channel also threatened further attacks, saying: “Oh cross worshippers, you shall live in this terror for a long time, and the strikes shall reach you from where you do not know, and what is coming is much worse and bitterer.”

The Telegram group Sawt Al-Andalus, posted a photo of Paddock with the caption: “The hero brother the lion and the knight of Islam the soldier of the Islamic Caliphate. O Allah, I attest you that I love him in you. O Allah, if my brother is alive, blind their eyes of him, if he was arrested, help him remain resolute and if he was killed, accept him from among the martyrs grant him the highest class of paradise and make me follow him.”

One graphic circulated eulogizes the attacker, reading: “Brother Stephen Paddock.”

User @american15 celebrated the attack, writing: “America has drowned and there is no one to rescue [it], and it has become a prey for the soldiers of the caliphate in every region of the earth.”

Prominent pro-ISIS body Turjiman Al-Asawirti circulated two posters (images below) on its Telegram channel (@Turjman_Media_374) threatening the U.S. and celebrating the success of ISIS’s propaganda in garnering supporters.

Source BareNakedIslam.com

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