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NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #176: Muslim female custodian sues Georgia school for firing her when she demanded time off to pray


Penny Deams, a convert to Islam and a school custodian was accused of falsifying her job application and then fired, after she refused to work an 8-hour day rather than a 7-hour day, because it would interfere with her 5-times-a-day Muslim prayer schedule, a federal lawsuit against Gwinnett County Public Schools alleges.

AJC  Deams is a devout Muslim. When she was asked to extend her work day (2PM to 9PM) to 10PM, she complained that it interfered with her daily prayer schedule, as her mosque closed before 10 p.m.

She went to the school’s human resource officer to “inquire about her rights” and, after that, noticed “significant retaliatory changes” in the way she was treated, the AJC reports, quoting the lawsuit.
Deams also previously filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint related to her termination, but the commission “found insufficient evidence to support her claim of discrimination,” said Sloan Roach, a spokeswoman for Gwinnett County Public Schools. The district declined to comment on the lawsuit itself, Roach said.

A supervisor told Deams that Principal Angelique Mitchell was “mad” at her for asking the HR department about her religious rights, according to the lawsuit. A human resources worker asked Deams when, where and how often she prayed, and requested a letter from Deams’ mosque explaining when Deams needed to pray, the lawsuit said. Deams did not object but mentioned she would consult an attorney about her religious rights, according to the suit.

After Deams said she would speak with an attorney, the human resources worker began questioning Deams’ job application references and accused Deams of falsifying her job application, according to the lawsuit. One of Deams’ listed references had worked with Deams in DeKalb County, but no longer worked for the county at that point.

Deams was suspended from work for falsifying her application. The human resources worker told Deams she would have to provide a document from DeKalb County verifying her previous employment within two days.

Deams went to work the next day despite her suspension. When the two-day period was up and she did not have the employment verification letter from DeKalb County, Deams was fired for allegedly falsifying her application and for working while suspended.

No religious group files as many lawsuits (in conjunction with designated terrorist group CAIR) against employers as Muslims for failure to accommodate their excessive religious demands which not only disrupt work schedules and decrease worker productivity, they burden other workers who must cover for them and create a hostile environment with other employees.
For example:

Deams is suing the school district for damages, back pay, interest, attorney’s fees, reinstatement or lost potential earnings and “further relief” to be determined at trial.

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