Vote Passes 56-44 In The Montana House, Bill To PROHIBIT Foreign Sharia Law In United States

Many on the right know that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has brought forth a couple of ideas for making sure that sharia law can never be welcomed into America. He wishes, as do many sound minds who honor the precepts of liberty, to halt the hold that radical Islamic practices would have upon our culture and those who would suffer mercilessly ...

The Silent Slaughter: Media Turns Its Back on Christian Genocide

Words cannot express how profoundly disturbing it is that the mainstream media refuses to address the Christian genocide currently underway across the Muslim world. Of all the ridiculous and irrelevant topics such outlets give voice to on a nightly basis, apparently, the attempted extermination of Christians in the Middle East still remains inconsequential. Those with the power to shine a light on these atrocities and choose not to must instead have the light shined on them for their willful ignorance.

The Koran vs Genesis

Some of the differences between the Christian and Muslim accounts/versions of Genesis.

This is a "main-points" notes and commentary on another article mentioned below, because it is a long,but much at the end of it is also reference/source:

1. The Koran does not mention the Snake in the garden of Eden, but mentions Satan directly. To a christian the Snake essentially has the spirit of Sin/Satan in it (controlling it, or the spirit being itself).

2. The tree of knowledge of Good and Evil is not mentioned by name in the Koran.

Islamic Lawfare: Comply — or — Die

In Dearborn, “protesters” asserted that their Constitutionally protected “civil rights” allowed them to stone Christians; and to use their own de facto legal system (Islamic tribunals) instead of state law or the Constitution itself. Islamists also successfully and intentionally censor media coverage while promoting shari’a on public school property—without legal repercussions—despite their ongoing intimidation and discrimination tactics.

New Leftwing group: ‘We Welcome Refugees’ will be bringing politics to your pulpits starting tomorrow!

(Ask Ann Voskamp one of the leaders of this new lobbying initiative how she is proposing to save the persecuted Christians first!) No surprise, but you need to be ready to speak up! If this new group, with its lobbying campaign, shows up in your church, ask them how many CHRISTIANS and other religious minorities they are proposing to save!  ...

The Plight of the Middle East’s Christians

Ancient communities in Syria and Iraq are in mortal peril. Can the West find a way to preserve the Christian presence in the Middle East—and stave off a ‘clash of civilizations’? A woman attends a mass at Ibrahim al-Khalil church in Damascus on March 1, in solidarity with the Assyrians abducted by Islamic State militants in Syria. PHOTO: OMAR SANADIKI/REUTERS ...

NEW VIDEO: Christians In Arizona Get So Enraged At Muslims Slaughtering Christians That They Go Right In Front Of The Muslims, And Tear The Koran To Pieces, And The Muslims Attack Them. The Police Then Arrest The Christians

By Ted on April 23, 2015 By Theodore Shoebat A group of street preachers in Arizona became so enraged and sick and tired of Muslims slaughtering Christians, that they went to Arizona State University and confronted the Muslims to their faces. They took the Koran expressed their rage against the recent Islamic massacre of 150 Christians in Kenya. They also ...