Arizona Muslim charged with supporting the Islamic State

Where did Ahmed Mohammed El Gammal get the idea that all this would be good, praiseworthy behavior? Who else did he assist to join the Islamic State besides this “college student in New York City”? Where are they now? What are they doing, and to whom else are they talking? Do the feds have any interest in the answers to these questions, or would such interest be “Islamophobic”?

Islamic State links its origins to the killing of Osama and US withdrawal from Iraq

Killing Osama bin Laden may have won President Obama re-election in 2012, but the price was the rise of the Islamic State. At least according to IS itself.

The secret 32-page IS manifesto and strategy plan, written in Urdu and just uncovered from remote Pakistan by the American Media Institute, is titled “The Caliphate According to the Prophet.”
Beyond its headline-grabbing reference to Obama as “Mule of the Jews,” the IS dossier blames the president for the organization’s rise to power in a whole new way.