How the Federal Government proved that the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a front for terrorism

Since its founding in 1993, the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has presented itself publicly as a benign Muslim American “civil rights organization.” However, the United States government has known that CAIR actually is an entity founded by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian franchise: Hamas, a group officially designated since 1994 as a terrorist organization.

What Is Sharia Law And Why You Should You Be Scared

Once again, the Puff Hos carry water for the most vicious and brutal ideology on the face of the earth. Modern Muslima Maryam Khan Ansari, who is identified as an “attorney and writer,” published a ridiculous piece in the Huffington Post Saturday: “What Is Sharia Law And Should You Be Scared? Why is Sharia such a scary word?”

ISIS to Yazidi Girls: ‘Once We Rape You, You Will Be Muslim’

The Islamic State wants to torture and destroy the Yazidi people, wipe "them off the face of the Earth," said lawyer and humanitarian Jacqueline Isaac, who added that the jihadists try to force Yazidi girls to convert to Islam and, if they refuse, tell them this is pointless because once they rape them, which they do, they become Muslim. "[I]t is ...

Flawed U.S. Iran Policy breeds backing for Islamic State

Hudson Institute scholar Michael Doran’s February 2, 2015 essay “Obama’s Secret Iran Strategy”[1] demonstrates that a very flawed U.S. policy towards Iran actually helped breed Sunni backing for the radical Islamic State[2]. Due to what former Senior Director at the National Security Council Elliott Abrams terms Obama’s “ideology”[3] the administration not only failed to comprehend[4] Iranian culture[5] and the absolutist theological nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran—a blunder already begun in the Carter White House and perpetuated through all subsequent administrations—but also compounded the error by believing that the mullah regime could be enticed to moderate its behavior


“We’re commanded to terrorize the disbelievers,” Morton told Griffin. “The Quran says very clearly in the Arabic language … this means ‘terrorize them.’ It’s a command from Allah.”

How is it that a devout Muslim who was sentenced in 2012 to more than 12 years in prison for making multiple death threats, recruiting for jihad, and plotting to kill the South Park creators is not only free but has been hired as a university expert by George Washington University.

Confirmed: ISIS Is Planting 'Hit Squads,' 'Sleeper Cells' Into Refugee Populations

IS “hit squads” are entering Europe alongside the hordes of incoming refugees, said a top German intelligence official last Thursday.

The vice president of the Bavaria region’s intelligence gathering agency, BayLfV, Manfred Hauser, didn’t mince any words, confirming that ISIS has fully exploited Germany’s lax refugee absorption policies to infiltrate the country in hopes of conducting large-scale terror attacks.