On Tuesday morning around 10:45AM, a Muslim named Kori Ali Muhammad walked through Fresno, California, shooting three men dead at random, including one in the parking lot of Catholic Charities. When he was arrested, he screamed “Allahu akbar.” According to the local ABC station, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer “indicated it was ‘still too early’ to know if the shootings were an act of terrorism.”

On 9/11, DHS Secy says jihad plots unknown to public foiled “all the time”

“If people close to someone who carries out an act of terror can be encouraged to come forward and say something, that does make a difference.”
Apparently, the Obama administration is prepared to keep hoping that will happen until every city in the United States is on fire.

Is America Becoming More Islamophobic?

By Todd Green, PhD. In August 2010, the cover of Time asked "Is America Islamophobic?" Bobby Ghosh wrote the featured article in response to the intense and at times ugly debate surrounding the proposed Park51 Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan that engulfed the nation that summer. Five years later, it's worth revisiting the question. Is America Islamophobic? Better yet, has ...